Test Magic

TestMagic™ is an advanced script less Artificial Intelligence-based Test Automation Platform and is enabled with mind map techniques which help to improve the KPIs and ensure success. In FY 2020 TestMagic™ is featured in Gartner Report for Critical Capabilities for Application Testing Services Worldwide. TestMagic™ effectively reduces the skill gap between manual tester/business users and automation tester and enables the user to Automate UI and Non-UI testing including the complex Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications without any programming. TestMagic™ uses mind map techniques which are developed based on day-to-day challenges that are faced during Automation Test Management, automating business flow, replaying business flow with a different set of data, effective test reporting, and Defect Management.
TestMagic™ is the Only QA Automation Product that identifies objects on Mind Map concepts     and has ELIMINATED usage of OBJECT PROPERTIES to Create and Maintain Test Automation. TestMagic™ is one of its kind Test Automation platforms which supports end-to-end functional testing of various enterprise applications such as packaged COTS applications, mainframes, desktop, web applications, APIs, databases and various file formats.